Portable-Ac-Mini-Cooler-Fan-for-Room-Cooling. Rechargeable Portable-Ac Fan-for-Homes And Offices

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Introducing the Mini Portable USB Air Cooling Fan – your ultimate companion for staying cool and comfortable this summer! Crafted with innovation and engineered for personal use, this powerful AC fan is designed to provide an exceptional cooling experience like no other. Equipped with a high-performance motor, it delivers a refreshing breeze that rejuvenates you on even the hottest days.

The unique design of this cooling fan sets it apart from the rest. With a convenient top water tank, you have the freedom to enhance your cooling experience by adding water or ice. Simply fill up the 600ML water tank, and let the magic unfold. As the fan operates, the water evaporates, creating a soothing and chilled airflow that envelops you in comfort. It’s not just a personal air conditioner; it’s also a versatile desktop fan that adapts to your cooling needs.

About this item/Benefits

  • ❄️【Mini Air Cooler】 It brings you coolness through the natural wind or atomized water mist of the fan, away from the hot summer and enjoy the cool summer. Environmental protection and energy saving, which is your best choice for summer
  • ❄️【Multi-Function】70° wide-angle automatic swing blower, 4-speed wind speed adjustment, 3-speed spray function, 1-8 hour timer design, to meet your different needs
  • ❄️【3 Ways of Use】Rotate the switch of the water tank, you can add water or clean it, there are 3 ways of use for you to choose from. 1. Add nothing, use it as a daily fan. 2. Fill the water only, and the evaporative mist brings coolness. 3. Add water and ice cubes to the water tank to bring cold wind
  • ❄️ 【More…】Built-in metal motor, let the rotation be smoother. Equipped with leather hand straps, light and portable, you can take it wherever you go. (for personal use only, not for cooling the whole room)
  • ❄️【Energy Efficiency Explanation Due to the new energy efficiency label laws in the EU or UK, our products have an energy consumption of 15kWh/annum, that is to say, 15kWh for use a year.

Experience the ease of use with the removable water tank cover, allowing you to refill and clean it effortlessly. The fan blades are designed for quick and easy removal as well, making maintenance a breeze. The low noise level ensures that you can work, relax, or sleep without any disruption. With the 1, 2, and 3-hour automatic timer, you can customize the fan’s operation to suit your schedule.

Choose from three wind speed modes to create the ideal ambiance – whether you need a gentle breeze for relaxation or a stronger airflow for instant cooling. The Mini Portable USB Air Cooling Fan caters to your preferences, adapting to your comfort level seamlessl.

  • Power Max 10W
  • Voltage 5V
  • Electric Current 2A
  • USB Type C
  • Water Tank 600ml
  • Spray Time 2.5 – 12 hours


1 unit of air cooler fan

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