EMS USB Rechargeable And Foldable Electric Foot Massager Pad 3.7V LCD Muscle Massager Relaxation for All Ages

Healthier legs after just 15 minutes of use per day

✔ Relieves Swollen feet & inflammation.
✔ Improves blood circulation by stimulating specific trigger points
✔ Perfect for women being all day at work
✔ 96.6% of Users Reported Feeling Immediate Relief

1. This product adopts EMS micro-current pulse technology, which must detect the human body and form a closed current loop before it can start operation.

Packages: 1 x Foot Cushion, 1 x host, 1 x Remote Control, 1 x USB charging cable 1 x English manual

Product description

Instructions for use:
1. Clean the feet you want to care for; install the host.
2. Turn on the host: Long press M/+ for three seconds to turn it on, the blue light is on, and there are 6 lights in 6 modes. Turn off: Keep pressing OFF / – until speed 0, then long press M key to turn off.
Install the button battery on the remote control and press the + button to turn it on.
3. The host has 6 massage modes to switch. 6 massage modes: kneading, hammering, acupuncture, tuina, acupressure, massage.
4. Adjust the force; when you press “ON/+”, the pulse strength increases; when you press “OFF/-“, the pulse strength decreases.
5. It is recommended to use 30 minute 1-2 time daily.

1.【EMS Foot Massager】The ems foot massager adopts low frequency pulse to promote blood circulation, quickly stimulate your acupuncture point to massage your feet, relax muscles, relieve pain and fatigue, improve sleep.

2.【6 modes and 9 levels of intensity】 6 simulated massage modes: beat, firm, strengthen, knead, shake and relax. 9 different intensity levels. The electric foot massager can effectively relieve fatigue.
3.【PROFESSIONAL FOOT CARE】The foot massage mat is carefully designed to ensure that no piercing pain is felt during use, especially suitable for people with sore feet, cold and uncomfortable feet.

【APPLICABLE】 People who often go to the gym after training or training, people who travel long distances, people who often ride bikes, dance and climb mountains, people who like to wear high heels.It is also a decent gift for friends
FOLDABLE DESIGN & USB CHARGING: our products are Mat 9 intensities and 6 different massage modes that can be activated depending on the requirements with only a soft and comfortable footpad
QUIET OPERATION & EASY TO CLEAN: It is made of soft yoga mat material, the surface can be dried with a wet towel after use

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